Wednesday, February 11, 2009

About Harpreet Deol

Harpreet Deol, a 22 year lad is from Ludhiana, Punjab, India. He was in Vishal Shekhar’s Hit Squad Gharana. He is one of the best singer amongst all the contestants of Saregamapa Challenge 2007.
His favorite personalities are Bhagat Singh and Mohammed Rahi Sahab. He loves Anupam Kher as an actor. His hobbies include singing, sleeping and keeping up his riaz.
Harpreet believes his life depends on having a positive attitude though he himself is a very positive person. He loves to play cricket when ever he gets time. He is very close to his parents and loves his family to the fullest. A gentleman who has all interest in associating with his fans, and putting them first on most occasions.


  1. Hope u gud..!!
    Long tym..nythn new,, ur career side..??
    was supposed 2 b arnd july,wen's ur album releasing??..
    Keep Updating d blog..Tc..GodBless..!!

  2. guess long tym since its been updated...
    common Harpreet's nom ore 22 yr lad..:)
    waitin 2 hear u rock ur own songs HarDy..GudLuck..:)

  3. Hi Harpreet. I am a huge fan. I have enjoyed your performances over the last few years on the Zee TV musical competitions. I think that you were the best male singer from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007. Also I would have enjoyed seeing the Punjab Team make it far in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Mega Challenge. I would enjoy having an opportunity to speak with you or even meet you. I am a loyal fan. I wish you all the best for your future Harpreet.

  4. With all due respect, it seems as though this blog has not been updated in over a year. Is there any chance that the fans will get to speak with Harpreet Deol?

  5. hi harpreet i like u very much i m frm ahmedabad n also a punjaban frm amritsar i wanted 2 b at karnavati wen u had been there bt my mother did'nt aloud me i m a big fan of yrs i never wanted to talk to any star bt i really wish that u talk 2 me once i would b waiting 4 ur call whole life please call my no: is 9601688244